Call & Message for Totally Free of Cost at Appfestive

Call & Message for Totally Free of Cost at Appfestive

Today I will share with you an awesome new website that lets you call and message for totally free to 210 countries. And  of course you can call in within India as-well.
   Why even bother wasting our precious balance money if we can call and text for free?  Yeah you heard me! Appfestive is a website build totally to let us use its free call & message services. Whats more, it supports spoofed text messages. Now you might wonder what exactly does spoofed  msgs means?

spoofing is the forgery of an message header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source
You can Disguise yourself as someone else while sending msgs. The recipient will get the text in less than 1 min with the sender ID you choose. Beware to not to use it for illegal purposes.

 Get Started 

2. It will take two or more days to deliver your log in details in your Gmail account.

The free call service works great without any need of high speed internet.

Procedure for free calling:-
1.You have to enter your phone number.
2.You have to enter destination phone number with country code.
3. You will get a call from them.
4. Accept the call and you will get connected with the destination number.

So you see there is no need of internet while you are talking. But  there is a limit, each call last for 30 min duration and you can make 3 calls per hour.


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Call & Message for Totally Free of Cost at Appfestive
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