Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis @ Rs 110 only

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis @ Rs 110 only

Are you using the right words? Do you get stuck when it comes to using the right word? Are you using the right pronunciation? Does grammar feel like a hurdle too high to cross? Created by renowned grammarian, Norman Lewis, Word Power Made Easy is a comprehensive vocabulary building system providing a straightforward, step by step method to increase your control and command over the English language. This book serves as the best and fastest means towards achieving better vocabulary. The exercises in this book help you with using the right word, as well as pronouncing it properly and being able to spell it correctly. You will also be able to learn how to avoid using illiterate expressions and how to speak in proper grammar, without making embarrassing mistakes. There is review at the end of each chapter and each chapter ends with a cumulative check. The many tests provided help you increase and keep on track the information and knowledge you have acquired while reading through the pages. Word Power Made Easy is a complete handbook that gives you the confidence to speak and write effectively and efficiently. In the long run social skills, the ability to increase your earning power and to learn at a quicker pace will all be benefited by making this book your grammar guide. It is ava
ilable in paperback .
Key Features:
  • Relevant tests for each section to better acquire the knowledge learnt.
  • Trivia section in each session with comprehensive results.
  • Vital information to prepare for competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT and TOEFL.

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Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis @ Rs 110 only
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I love this book.