New Recharge App for Android with Ultoo

Ultoo free mobile recharge

Ultoo recharge app provides with free recharge by simply answering question in a quiz. There is no app installation required to earn money. Simply play simple quiz games and get your free recharge. You will get recharge for both correct and wrong answer. It also contains refer and earn option.
App has Different Quiz Categories Like
» Find the Difference Quiz,
» Movies Quiz,
» Cricket Quiz,
» General Knowledge Quiz
» Guess Actor Names,
» Learn And Earn (English Question's Quiz),
» Maths Quiz,
» Interesting Quiz and many more.
Ultoo Free Mobile is Different from Other Apps because it has no other app installations. Just Play some question and Earn for Recharge.You can redeem balance as soon as you reach Rs 10.

Ultoo free mobile recharge


1. Install Ultoo App from here.
2. Open App and continue.
3. Go to Recharge Offers to play quiz or Refer & Earn to earn by referring your friends.
4. Redeem as soon as you reach Rs 10

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New Recharge App for Android with Ultoo
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