Get free Rs 100 in your Trideal E-Wallet

Trideal is an exclusive deal site/app which provides best offers with discounts and offers with cashbacks, coupons and discount vouchers. Now as a promotional method its providing users with free Rs 100 in trideal wallet for posting on "what change you wish to see in India" on its facebook page.


How to Avail This Offer:

1. Goto Trideal site or app and register for an account.
2. After registering visit Trideal timeline and post what change you want to see in India with "#Trideal" in the end.
Mail that you posted on Trideal's Timeline at and get Rs 100 in your e-wallet. Make sure you have the same username/email address with the facebook account and the trideal account.

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Get free Rs 100 in your Trideal E-Wallet
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