Take a Survey and Get free Rs. 50 Shopclues Clues bucks

Complete a short Shopclues Survey and get free Clues Bucks worth Rs 50 in your Shopclues account. Give a truthful feedback on Shopclues site, product, delivery system, packaging, its customer support and get credited with free Rs 50 Cluesbucks which can be used to purchase free products worth Rs 50 at Shopclues or get an instant Rs. 50 discount if the product price is higher.

Shopclues customer survey for free 50 Rs cluesbucks

How to Take the Customer Survey and Get free Rs 50 Shopclues Cluesbucks- 

1. If you haven't registered yourself at Shopclues then register now, visit Shopclues.
2. Now complete and fill this short survey - [Survey Link].
3. Enter your email id and choose the best option for you. 
4. Click "Continue" and answer 3 more question about customer support.
5. Click "Submit" and you will get this message:-

Your response has been recorded. 50 CluesBucks will be deposited in your account within 5 working days. Thank you for your time! *Clues Bucks will be credited to responses filled within 5 days of receiving the survey email.
6. So within 5 days clues bucks will be added to your Shopclues account. [We can't guarantee free clue bucks cause this offer hasn't been confirmed yet although if we get clues bucks first we will add it as "Proof" on this post..Stay tuned!]

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Take a Survey and Get free Rs. 50 Shopclues Clues bucks
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