Kolkata Knight Riders Loot Offer- Get Free Foodies and Tees with Refer and Earn

KKR has partnered with Fancy to give us an amazing opportunity to make scores on the site and exchange them for free foods like Pizza, Burger, Starbucks, Cafe latte. Earn them easily by watching few short KKR videos and make points. Also, for just signing up you will get 100 points. Follow the instructions below to get started.

kolkata knight riders kkr loot

How to 100 Points in KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders):

1. Visit the Kolkata Knight Riders Site.

2. Click on the bottom right corner Login option and log in with FB. (Reload the page if you are not logged in)

kolkata knight riders

3. You will get credited with 100 points for registering.

favcy kkr free 100 points runs

4. It's time to redeem those points.

How to Redeem KKR Points/Runs:

1. Click on the bottom right corner again, where it shows your FB profile pic.

2. Click on the "Offers" tab.

kolkata knight riders offers

3. Allow site to get your location.
4. Now you will get the offers list.

kolkata knight riders kkr get free food

5. Click on "Get Offer">>"Select" to avail it and your runs will be deducted. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. You have to claim it within 48 hours or if you don't, you will get back your KKR runs.

6. Now go to the restaurant shown on the map and buy the food by paying cash. (You can also do the home delivery)

7. After going to the restaurant, call back on the secret shop number then scan the bill and upload it.

kolkata knight riders free bank money

8. Then click on the "Cash" button after the bill approval and you will get your cashback in your bank account after 4% deduction.

How to Earn More Runs: 

1. Watch the videos and get 10 points(KKR runs) each. Just skip it to end if you don't want to watch the video, you will still get the runs.
2. Add your Twitter account and get 20 KKR runs.
3. Visit daily and get 1 KKR point every day.
4. Also, do all these activities to earn more.
5. Refer friends and earn 30 KKR Runs.

 Tweet = 5 KKR Run(s)
 WhatsApp Refer = 30 KKR Run(s)
 Sync Twitter = 20 KKR Run(s)
 Share = 10 KKR Run(s)
 Watch a Video = 10 KKR Run(s)
 Comment = 2 KKR Run(s)
 Visit= 1 KKR Run(s)
 Like= 5 KKR Run(s)

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Kolkata Knight Riders Loot Offer- Get Free Foodies and Tees with Refer and Earn
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