Dream11 Refer and Play Online Cricket to Earn Real Bank Cash (Rs 250 Per Invite)

Fantasy Cricket Dream11 is an online cricket strategy playing site where users can select cricket players, enter a league and win with an awesome amount of cash (legal by govt.). Dream11 is completely genuine and you can earn a whole lot from it, check out our review. You can enter in two types of leagues- Paid and Skill leagues. Paid Leagues are where users participate by paying an entry fee and compete against each other to win Cash while in Skill leagues users can participate without paying any cash(no entry free). You can hone your player selecting skills by participating in Skill leagues at first then join the paid leagues using the sign-up credits.


Over 2.5 million people are playing Fantasy cricket across India and U.S.A. Get Rs 250 for just joining Dream11 now. The Dream11 cash can be easily redeemable to the bank.

How to Get Started with Dream11 Fantasy Cricket:

1. To start off, visit Dream11 offer page- Click Here.

2. First off you have to select a match to participate in. Click on "Show Matches" and select any match. (Don't worry you don't have to play now, these are upcoming matches and you will get plenty of time to learn how to play it) [Don't login now]

dream11 select match

3. After you select the match you will be given 100 credits to choose 11 cricket players of your choice. Just select the players which you think will perform well in that selected match.

dream11 select players

4. After you have selected the players, select the captain and vice-captain from the drop down list.

dream11 select captain

5. Sign with FB, Google+ or email. Enter any team name. It could be anything you want e.g. Madhouse, Dope Cricket, WTFTeam. Click on Join.

dream11 signup

6.  A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your mobile number. Just enter your number and verify it by giving a missed call to 1800 1234547. 

dream11 mobile number verification

7. Now after verifying your mobile number visit your Gmail and verify your mail account with the verification link you received from signing up on Dream11. 

8. Now to get Rs 250 bonus, click on the "Verify Now" button on the top menu or simply visit here.

9. Verify your mobile and email if you haven't. You will get Rs 50. Then add a pan card. After that add your bank account. You will get Rs 200. Total free cash = Rs 250.

10. The player you selected will get points during match - Check here .

11. Some of the participants will get selected for making the highest amount of points and will win cash which is transferable to the user bank account.

Refer Your Friends and Earn Rs 250 Per Friend-

dream11 refer a friend

1. Besides earning from playing leagues, you can also earn from the dream11 refer and earn program. The referral cash can be used to play fantasy cricket which is on the paid leagues, so the entry fee will be from your referral cash.

2. To refer your friends and family, click on the "Get Rs 250" button on top and share your unique referral link with them. If  the person joins through your referral link, your friend and you will get Rs 250 after he has verified his mobile number, email, pan card, and bank account.

dream11 refer and earn

3. You can track your invitations to see who has joined and also check the FAQs if you have any queries.

Dream11 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

When does the Fantasy Cricket Game start?
The Fantasy Cricket game starts as soon as the deadline for the round ends. The deadline (denoted by the countdown ticker) is usually 1 hour before the start of the first match in the round.

How do I select my Fantasy Cricket Team?
After logging into your Dream11.com account, click on the ‘Create Team’ button for the particular Round you want to join. Select your Fantasy Team of 11 players (including a Captain and V-Captain) within the virtual budget of 100 Cr from all the players in the particular match. For more guidance, please click on the ‘Creating Your Team’ link in our 'Help' section more details. We’re sure you’ll select a kick-ass team and hope you win a lot of cash!

Can I change my Fantasy Cricket team for future rounds?
Yes, you are required to create a new Fantasy Cricket team for every round on Dream11.com

What if one of my chosen cricketers does not play in the round?
Need to choose your Fantasy Team carefully, Champ! The player who does not feature in the starting 11 in the matches (included in the round) does not get any Fantasy Points.

How many cricketers are needed to create a Fantasy Cricket team?
You need to select 11 cricketers to create a Fantasy Cricket Team, with a minimum of 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder and 1 wicket-keeper, while the other 3 cricketers can be from any category. Please click on the ‘Creating Your Team’ link in our 'Help' section for more details on possible team combinations.

Can I choose cricketers from one cricket team only?
We allow a maximum of 7 cricketers to be selected from one cricket team.

I’ve spent my entire budget before selecting all 11 players.How do I complete my Fantasy Cricket Team?
That’s the challenge! You need to create your Fantasy Cricket team within the budget of 100 credits given to you. We’re sure you can do it!

What is the use of a captain in the Fantasy Cricket Team?
The Captains always has some charisma! The cricketer you choose to be your Fantasy Cricket team’s captain will receive 2 times the points and VC will receive 1.5 times the points for his performance. So choose your Trump Cards thoughtfully!

When I make changes in the Fantasy Cricket team - how long does it take for the change to reflect?
The changes are instant! You can make unlimited changes any time before the deadline hits for a particular round.

Can I edit my Fantasy Cricket team during the round?
Come on, where’s the skill in that? You can create or edit your Fantasy Cricket team only before the deadline, which is usually 1 hour prior to the start of the first match of the round. So keep an eye on the ticker!

When do you update the squads for rounds on Dream11.com?
The squads for matches/rounds featured on Dream11.com can keep getting updated till the deadline for that particular round as per the alerts received from our service providers. We request you to keep checking for such updates till the deadline for respective rounds.

How can I see my Fantasy Cricket Team’s rankings?
You can click on the particular round that you have created your Fantasy Team for, click on the ‘Joined’ tab just above the league options and then click on the 'Show' button to see the updated points and rankings for yourself and your opponents in that League.

How can I change my Fantasy Cricket Team Name?
Sorry, but once your Fantasy Cricket team name is registered, you can’t change it. Choose your team name wisely, its permanent!

How do I create Multiple Teams for the same Round?
Multiple team option is enabled after creating your first team. You can create multiple teams by clicking '+' button above your team on the leagues page.

How many Teams can I create in a Round?
You can create up to 4 separate teams in a round

Can I join the same League using Multiple Teams?
You can join only one league with one team. However, leagues which display ‘Multi Entry’ on them allow you to join the same with multiple teams.

Can I edit my Teams?
Yes! You can edit your team(s) before the round deadline

Can I choose which of my teams compete in a league (Team 1 or Team 2) after joining?
Yes! You can choose your team in a league (Choose Team 1 or Team 2 to compete) from ‘Joined Leagues’ tab until the deadline.

For more visit here- Dream11 FAQs

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Dream11 Refer and Play Online Cricket to Earn Real Bank Cash (Rs 250 Per Invite)
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